90 eggs and one omelet (ENG)

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Sitting on the train one day, my attention was drawn to a modern business park where I suddenly discovered a motley pattern. A patch of land on which stand the shelters of a small community, the City Nomads. They call this place ‘t Landje.

Intrigued by what I saw, I decided to take a look. There I first met Leen, a homeless, drug addicted Landje resident from the very beginning. One day Leen tells me he wants to change course. For four and a half years I followed him on his journey to ‘normality’, from the frayed edge of society to a place in the middle of society. He showed me his struggle along the invisible line between ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal’ and his struggle with the expectation that everything that deviates conforms to the norm.

"Exclusion is more natural than inclusion." This quote by Prof. Dr. Halleh Gorashi inspired me to visualize Leen's story. This book tells a personal yet universal story, a layered book with a wealth of material and touches of humor in image and text.


Dimentions: 19,0 x 25,0 cm

Softcover + transparent cover: 192 pages

Language: EN

ISBN: 9789083322216

Self Published 2023

Design: Esther de Vries

Concept and edit: Sandra Minten en Ellen Sanders

Translation: Allen Erickson, Susanne Kluitmans

Lithography: Marc Gijzen

Print: Wilco Art Books

Print run: 550 NL | 150 EN

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