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Print Eggs

This photo is from the project 90 eggs and one omelet, a series that takes you on a journey through time from February 2017 through July 2021 while showing the inspiring story of Leen, who faced homelessness and addiction but was determined to return to the "normal" world. This particular photo is taken when Leen tries to comfort himself with making a lunch at the ‘instroomhuis’. Waiting for housing in this facility does not go easy on him.

From the series: 90 eggs and one omelet

Paper size: 420 x 297mm / Photo 210 x 290 mm

Edition: 20 + 2ap

Price: €225,-


To complete your purchase of this print you can choose to have the photo framed immediately. The photo is placed in a passe-partout before it is framed behind museum glass.

Frame: Bart 916 WE (30 x 40)

Glas: Museumglas, anti reflex and UV protection

Passe-partout: 30 x 40cm.

Price: €115,-

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