With water, there is life

Sandra Minten had been working as a teacher for almost 20 years when she started a photography course in 2015. At the end of 2018, she graduated with honors from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam, and her book “Am viață – I have life” was published. Early 2019, she won the SO Student Award.


Her work is characterized by long-term projects portraying the space people occupy in life and showing how everyone tries to make the best of it. What does it mean to be autonomous, to beabsorbed into those spaces with rules, relationships and obligations, while determining your own life? Minten photographs with an unsentimental, loving eye. There is no softness for the sake of softness when it comes to love, as in fact, love is truth; defining boundaries, accepting where the pain is, and understanding the incomprehensible.


“Am viaţă – I have life” portrays a Romanian family story in full life. It shows the existence of three generations living together in a small room. It is a story about a family that has more in common with us than we might think at first sight.

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